A33I0657To volunteer:

Please fill out the Volunteer Application, and when your application is complete you will be directed to schedule your Orientation appointment.

We love volunteers!

There are lots of ways for volunteers to help us at Crafty Cat Rescue, some examples are:

Cleaning, Socializing, Working at Events

If you want to volunteer specifically towards the Capital Campaign here are some things we could really use:

Construction Workers, Electricians, Plumbers, Lawyers, Veterinarians, Certified HVAC Consultants/Workers, Grant Writers, and many other skill sets (let us know what you can do!)

We could also use volunteers to:

Prepare mailers, talk to people at events, spread the word with family and friends, hang up fliers, etc.

Volunteer hours (unless otherwise noted) are:

Saturdays 12 – 4 pm

Sundays 11- 3 pm


Tuesdays 6 – 7 pm

Wednesdays 3-4

Thursdays 2-3 pm

Fridays  6 – 8 pm