Kitten Season

Wow, kitten season is coming up quickly! Check out the ‘wish lists’ below of what our incoming litters of kittens will need and want. Keep checking back as we get the litters in, to be able to get their most updated ‘wish list’ items for them!

As each litter comes in one of the hearts (Momma and kittens) or pawprints (bottle kittens) will get updated to the litter name, or Momma’s name, and throughout the time they’re with us here at Crafty Cat we’ll be updating their wishlists for them as they grow up. Once they’re all ready for adoption we’ll ready their heart or pawprint for the next litter that comes in.

Do you want to get the other kitties and small animals wish list items too? Click on the big kitty in the middle to be taken to the overall wish list for all the other animals in the rescue.