Fostering is one of the best ways to help any rescue!

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When you foster you get the best of both worlds Рyou get to take care of and love a wonderful animal (or animals) and you get to know that one day they will get adopted into their forever home.  Fostering is a huge part of that Рyou are taking care of them until their forever family has the chance to meet them!

When you foster for CCR we provide the medical care, and you provide the food, litter, and most importantly LOVE!

*If you save your receipts litter, food, toys, and anything else purchased for the fosters is tax deductible!

We’ll have you bring in your foster(s) when they need medical care to the main foster home, and we’ll have you bring them in when there are appointments that are interested in them, or when they fit what an appointment is looking for in their newest family member.

Fill out our foster application today and we’ll contact you about fosters in need of placement, and any training that you’ll need!

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